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There are many offer for GSM database, but we provide database you can trust. For the sake of security of gsm users, we do not display phone numbers on the site. Our database has name and sex of owner of each phone number.

Our database is sorted Local govt by local govt and state by state. Those who have gotten this database have every need to celebrate. Those we market for have had their bushinesses grow as a result of reaching the average consumer within their locality.


Advantages of a GSM Database:


* Reach your exact audience


* Connect to your desired location


Now you can sell, promote, inform, remind, notify, educate with just a click.


Take advantage of the most cost-effective, direct, targeted, reliable, immediate, instant, guaranteed way to deliver your message to Nigerians in any part of Nigeria. Our database comprises of over 150 Million GSM mobile numbers in Nigeria in State and LGA format


To Place a request,  Call our Hotline 08038527295, 08056536418.


Our Database is the best with database of several cities in Nigeria. Call us Now.